“About Us”

Stuffed Potato Byte is made of a family receipt, that was created back in the day in Brazil, where this food is also known as “Coxinha”. Curious fact is that this snacks are the most popular party food in the whole country of Brazil, and no matter your social status, you will end up eating it at baptisms, birthday parties, graduations, meetings, marriages, etc., literally “any” if not “every” party that you attend.

Our CEO was born and literally raised eating this at any of the mentioned occasions, but when he moved to US in 2010, he noticed that this was not popular at all. Since 2010 Guilherme Almeida has sampled and sold in San Diego over 1 Million units of this appetizers. Currently available through his website Coxinhastore.com among with other products and services. This food is also available for sale at three major farmers market of San Diego County, these markets are: UCSD and SDSU Farmers Market where his company have exposure for over 100k students weekly since 2012.

Coxinha Store can cater and help you plan for everything from casual get-togethers with just a few friends to gigantic parties with hundreds of guests. But sometimes it’s hard to figure out just how many snacks to order for your party. We will serve it warm and fresh.

This is an unfortunate that such a product is not available in large scale in the US. America makes great food but it is missing on the shelfs real quality frozen appetizers, that taste like fresh, with the convenience of just open the package and use the same tray to re-heat it at any electric ovens or microwave, and just eat. Potato Bites is making it logistically a reality, and they taste like real food too. It is very much easy and conviniente to make it once it’s already cooked and only needs 2 minutes to heat.